Espen EV is dedicated to delivering sustainable and environmentally progressive electrical vehicle charger solutions. As a manufacturer and designer of high efficiency electrical chargers, Espen continually strives to improve the EV charger technology. Our products reflect an emphasis on sustainability, quality, and reliability. Our product development is driven by a simple commitment: to improve people’s lives and build a better future for generations to come.


Espen EV is dedicated to the proliferation of electrical vehicle charger. Through the technology that we provide to our customers, we add to the broader effort of environment conservation through efficient EV chargers. Our services and products help businesses, government agencies, contractors, and consumers manage their energy consumption and attain sustainable growth. Our goal is to develop quality products that will better the lives of our consumers and build a better future.


In every aspect of operation and business, Espen EV focuses on achieving a high level of quality. We strive to add value to all of our product offerings and contribute to our customers’ growth and success. We also understand the importance of human capital and value innovation and efficiency. To best serve our customers, Espen EV continues to build a team of capable and forward-thinking professionals, honoring diversity and openness.

Service We believe that service is the most important product that we can offer to our customers. Espen EV offers a comprehensive package to our customers. From sales and logistics to customer support, Espen EV is dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and growth. We share the goals of our customers and will help them reach those goals.

Reliability With extensive experience in lighting product development, we understand the frustration of finding a reliable source for drivers, ballasts and components. That is why we value and guarantee reliability. Through providing reliable products and complete customer service, our mission is to provide our customers with an invaluable asset: peace of mind.

Our efforts bring to market technology that supports sustainable growth. Our mission is to utilize technology to promote and spread efficient energy management and develop innovative products to reduce energy consumption. Espen EV charger systems support sustainable growth by achieving efficiency in EV chargers. We strive to be the vanguard in the movement to proliferate energy efficient EV chargers.


We, at Espen EV, strive to design and produce the most competitive products on the market. Our Engineers, Designers, and Manufacturers pride themselves on the ability to create quality products. All of our products are put through stringent testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the best finished products.

Our electrical vehicle charger for private usage, for commercial usage and for large fleet are complemented by an industry-leading warranty policy. The goal is to offer our customers and end-users an invaluable asset: peace of mind. With an emphasis on quality and a focus on efficiency, Espen EV’s engineers have developed a whole line of EV chargers that are worthy of the latest electrical vehicles. High efficiency, advanced thermal management, increased life, and versatility in form create the ultimate EV charger systems for today’s most advanced electrical vehicles and power grid. Stringent component qualification and quality control guarantee a long life and increased overall system longevity.


Espen is recognized by the Joint Utilities as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) when competing for procurements by public utilities participating in the Utility Supplier Diversity Program.

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