• Simultaneously 2 DC charging
  • Multi-standard: CCS and CHAdeMO
  • Network or standalone operation
  • User authentication
  • Optional cable management accessories
  • Support smart charging and load balancing
  • Efficiency > 94%
  • PF > 0.99 (APFC)
  • 7-inch LCD screen with user friendly interface
  • OCPP 1.6 JSON
  • IK10 (Not including screen and RFID module)
  • IP55
  • Customization available


  • Highway gas/service station
  • Parking garage
  • Commercial fleet operation
  • EV infrastructure operators and service providers
  • EV dealer workshops


Model No. EVC/D060/SS15/EWG/W
Maximum Output Power DC 60kW
Max. Input Current 3Φ92Vac
Voltage Rating 3Φ480Vac(+10%,-15%)
DC Charging Connector Dual 200A CCS1 15ft
Voltage Accuracy ±2%
Current Accuracy ±2%
Standby Power < 100W
Electrical Isolation Between Input and Output
Load Management Via OCCP 1.6 JSON
Backend Support OCPP 1.6 JSON
Safety UL2202,UL2231
FCC Compliant Yes
Ingression Protection IP55 NEMA 3R
Anti-Vandalism IK10, not include LCD & RFID
Dimensions (WxDxH inch) 27.56 x 13.03 x 70.87 inch
Weight 518 Lbs
Power Factor > 0.99
Efficiency > 94%, at optimize V/I point
Output Voltage Range 150Vdc ~ 950Vdc
Maximum Output Current 120A@150Vdc ~ 500Vdc / 63A @ 950Vdc
Simultaneously Output Mode 0% , 50% , 100% (Note 1)
Input Protection OVP, OCP, OPP, UVP, RCD, SPD
Output Protection OCP, OVP, LVP, OTP, IMD
Internal Protection OTP, AC/DC contactor detection, Fuse detection
Display 7-inch LCD
User Authentication RFID, QR Code, Mobile APP
Operation Temperature -22°F to 122°F
Storage Temperature -40°F to 158°F
Relative Humidity 5%~95% RH, non-condensing
Cooling Fan Cooling

Order Information

Model Specification
EVC/D060/SS15/EWG/W Espen EVC Level 3 DC Fast 60kW, Dual Gun, 125A,Ethernet WIFI and 4G, RFID, OCPP, CCS1 plugs with 15ft Cable Black, White


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EVA/CM15/060Cable Management for 15ft cable EVC Level 3 DC Fast Charger 60kW
EVA/CM15/120/180Cable Management for 15ft cable EVC Level 3 DC Fast Charger 120/180kW